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bookkeeping and accounting sevice


Bookkeeping is the exercise which is done for the purpose of keeping detailed records of year to year wise transactions took place during the course of business.

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How it works?


In bookkeeping various numbers of tasks are to performed, below is the list of tasks that take place while performing bookkeeping:

  • Recording of vouchers
  • Forming trial balance
  • Keeping a record of petty cash transactions
  • Recording banking transactions
  • Keeping a record of sundry creditors and sundry debtors
  • Tax-related transactions
  • Posting journals entries
  • Preparing various types of ledger

It can be easily understood by the below example

Bookkeeping Upper plan and premium plan

Situation I II
10 percent leverage on transactions No Yes
Actual no. of transactions 310 no. 310 no.
Plan pricing ₹ 3500 ₹ 2500
Smart saving ₹ 1000

The most common ways to do bookkeeping are Single entry system and Double entry system.

Bookkeeping is the continuous process as the business size increases simultaneously it becomes more complex. The below list is enough to show how important bookkeeping is:

  • It shows an accurate picture of business for the whole year.
  • It helps to identify the flow of its business.
  • It helps the business to identify the fraud transactions.
  • It keeps trenchancy in many ways in business.
  • It helps in managing cash flow.
  • It helps in decision making.

Yes, Income tax 1962 under section 44AB bound the entity to do bookkeeping and accounting of the transactions.

In bookkeeping, we will offer you only recording and accounting of financial records of your business or profession but in accounting, we will offer you a lot like with financials preparations, we also file your TDS return, GST return, Income tax return, Advising on regular basis and lot more.

(For more detail visit our “need an accountant” page)


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