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Be digital and get digital signature also



As the name suggests itself, DSC is the signature/certificate in digital/electronic form and can be presented to prove one’s identity for accessing the information or do any transaction.

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Classes/Types of DSC:

  • Class 1 certificate: Theses certificates are used for encryption purpose of emails.
  • Class 2 certificate: Theses certificated are used for filling a purpose in ROC, Income Tax, GST, etc.
  • Class 3 certificate: These certificates are used for the purpose of e-tenders.


It is applicable to those situations where e-filling or any electronic/digital payment are required to be done.

Documents: *

  • Copy of PAN card of the applicant.
  • Copy of Identity proof (Aadhaar card/ voter ID card)
  • Passport size photograph of applicant.


  • Very easy to carry because it comes in USB token that is called e-Token.
  • Comes with Tenure option basically 1 year or 2 years
  • Helpful in e-filling in various departments of government.
  • Cost effective.

How it works?


It looks like the normal USB drive.

DSC (Digital signature certificate) is required for the purpose of signing digitally or electronically.

DSC are of 3 types:

  • Class 1 type
  • Class 2 type
  • Class 3 type

The following are the purposes for which DSC (Digital signature certificate) are required:

  • Class 1 type: For email encryption
  • Class 2 type: For ROC, Income tax filing
  • Class 3 type: For submitting E-tenders

If DSC lost or damaged then it will be applied again as a new DSC certificate.

The general plan contains only DSC however on the other hand combo plan contains an encrypted version of DSC.

The courier charges will be borne by the customer only, and the actual costs depend on various parameters like city, courier company etc.


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