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DSC (Digital signature certificate)

/DSC (Digital signature certificate)
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Be digital and get digital signature also



As the name suggests itself, DSC is the signature/certificate in digital/electronic form and can be presented to prove one’s identity for accessing the information or do any transaction.

Classes/Types of DSC:

  • Class 1 certificate: Theses certificates are used for encryption purpose of emails.
  • Class 2 certificate: Theses certificated are used for filling a purpose in ROC, Income Tax, GST, etc.
  • Class 3 certificate: These certificates are used for the purpose of e-tenders.


It is applicable to those situations where e-filling or any electronic/digital payment are required to be done.

Documents: *

  • Copy of PAN card of the applicant.
  • Copy of Identity proof (Aadhaar card/ voter ID card)
  • Passport size photograph of applicant.


  • Very easy to carry because it comes in USB token that is called e-Token.
  • Comes with Tenure option basically 1 year or 2 years
  • Helpful in e-filling in various departments of government.
  • Cost effective.

How it works?


It looks like the normal USB drive.

DSC (Digital signature certificate) is required for the purpose of signing digitally or electronically.

DSC are of 3 types:

  • Class 1 type
  • Class 2 type
  • Class 3 type

The following are the purposes for which DSC (Digital signature certificate) are required:

  • Class 1 type: For email encryption
  • Class 2 type: For ROC, Income tax filing
  • Class 3 type: For submitting E-tenders

If DSC lost or damaged then it will be applied again as a new DSC certificate.

The general plan contains only DSC however on the other hand combo plan contains an encrypted version of DSC.


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