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Hygiene always rewarded


FSSAI License

About the License:
It means the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. It was established by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India. The main object behind this License is to ensure the quality of food all over India.

Package includes

  • Prices are inclusive of GST
  • Validity 1 year
  • Includes government fees
  • Filed by experts
  • FSSAI licence acknowledgement
  • FSSAI Licence certificate

Applicability of License: –

All businesses which are engaged in food business whether directly or indirectly.

Types of License:

  • Basic License
  • State License
  • Central License

Documents requirement: *

  • Copy of Aadhar card.
  • Copy of Business address proof.
  • Authority letter duly signed.
  • Declaration form duly signed.
  • Food safety management system plan or certificate.
  • List of directors/Partners/Proprietor with full address and contact detail.
  • Blueprint of processing unit (only for manufacturer concern).
  • Analysis report of water (only for manufacturer concern).

* The above list is inclusive, additional documents can also be required.

How it works?


Then one should apply for the central licence on the registered address of the business and state licence for the rest of units for each state.

The following business required to get central licence compulsory:


  • Dairy units including milk chilling units equipped to handle or process more than 50,000 litres of liquid milk/day or 2500 MT of milk solid per annum.
  • Vegetable oil processing units and units producing vegetable oil having installed capacity more than 2 MT per day.
  • All slaughter houses equipped to slaughter more than 50 large animals or 150 or more small animals including sheep and goats or 1000 or more poultry birds per day.
  • Meat processing units equipped to handle or process more than 500 kg of meat per day or 150 MT per annum.
  • All food processing units other than mentioned under (I) to (IV) including re-labellers and re-packers having installed capacity more than 2 MT/day except grains, cereals and pulses milling units.
  • 100 % Export Oriented Units
  • All Importers importing food items including food ingredients and additives for commercial use.
  • All food business operators manufacturing any article of food containing ingredients or substances or using technologies or processes or combination thereof whose safety has not been established through these regulations or which do not have a history of safe use or food containing ingredients which are being introduced for the first time into the country.
  • Food catering services in establishments and units under Central government Agencies like Railways, Air and airport, Seaport, Defence etc.
The following business required to get central licence compulsory:

Type of business Type of units Capacity or values
Manufacturer Units Dairy units 501 to 50,000 liters per day of milk or more than 2.5 MT to 2500 MT of milk solid per annum.
Vegetable oil units Upto 2 MT/day and turnover above ₹ 12 lacs.
Slaughtering units Large animal (More than 2 upto 50)

Small animal (More than 10 upto 150)

Poultry birds (More than 50 upto 1000)/ day

Meat processing units Upto 500 kg meat per day or 150 MT per annum.
All foods processing units including re-labellers and re-packers More than 100 kg or litre to 2 MT per day.

All Grains, cereals and pulses milling units

Storage Units Storage (except controlled atmosphere and cold) Upto 50,000 MT
Storage (cold/Refrigerated) Upto 10,000 MT
Storage controlled atmosphere and cold) Upto 1,000 MT
Other Business Wholesaler Turnover upto ₹ 30 crores
Retailer Turnover upto ₹ 20 crores
Distributor Turnover upto ₹ 20 crores
Supplier Turnover upto ₹ 20 crores
Caterers and canteens Caterer Turnover upto ₹ 20 crores
Dhaba, Banquet halls, Home based canteens, food stalls, Fish/meat shop or any other vending shop Turnover upto ₹ 12 lacs
Club/canteen Turnover upto ₹ 12 lacs
Hotels and Restaurants Hotels · Above 3 stars but below 5 stars


· Upto 3 stars and turnover more than ₹ 12 lacs

Restaurants Turnover upto ₹ 20 crores
Other Business Transporter · Having 100 vehicles/wagons


· Turnover upto ₹ 30 crores

Marketers Turnover upto ₹ 20 crores

FSSAI is the licence hence, for carrying the licence properly the following conditions should always be followed-

  • Form C (true copy) should always be displayed at the business premises.
  • Inform any changes in activities or content of licence to proper authority.
  • Maintain proper hygiene standards.
  • Ensure the products which are stated in licence at the time of registration are only manufacturing.
  • Maintain the required temperature throughout the whole procedure of manufacturing.
  • Maintain proper records of manufacturing and processing units.
  • Owners of hotels, restaurants, shops, stalls who sells savouries, sweets and other goods must display the items which are cooked in ghee, Vanaspati or other oil on the display board.
  • No licence will be granted to any producer or manufacturer of vegetable oil, edible oil who doesn’t have its own laboratory.

Yes, for import purpose also FSSAI or food licence is required.

Generally, renewal application should be filed with the authority at least 30 days before the expiry of licence.


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