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Franchise Cost

  • All of GST & Financial Services
  • All of Hoog Loan Agent Services
  • All of Hoog Money Services
  • All of Hoog Digital Services
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Our Journey

India's leading franchise distributor for finance, taxation and more.

Benefits of becoming the partner

  • Work like the CEO of the company

  • Be a part and parcel of growth
  • 100% accuracy work
  • Instant pay-out
  • No big offices or employees required
  • Training session on timely basis

Process for becoming partner

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Experience matters a lot
We share the legacy of more than a decade of experience.
Customer satisfaction all we need
We believe the simple philosophy A=B=C, where A is Hoogmatic and C is Customer. If C is satisfied then its a win situation for B that's you.
Technology driven
Our team on a daily basis updates website and makes sure you must have the best in industry user experience.
best support system
We are the only company with 1 minute responding system.
no outsourcing of work
All work is done at company premises only, and we don't outsource the work.
data security top the priority
We always use the best in class technology so that the data which we gather should be safe and secured.

Partnering with us is just like 1 2 3



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For the franchise fee please contact to our representative(click here) or call us at 9319120657.

  • No, we at Hoogmatic do not accept any cash for franchise fees. However, you can pay us via electronic transfer through our website portal or you can deposit the amount in Hoogmatic bank account directly.
  • No, franchise fees will be paid by you one time.

The list is below which you need to start the business with Hoogmatic:

  • At least one computer or Laptop
  • Internet connection
  • No, franchise fees are non-refundable.
  • Once you had done the successful payment in reference to franchise fees, then we will prepare the franchise agreement between you and Hoogmatic and will inform you within 48 hours about the signing process.
  • No, you don’t have to come in person to sign the documents or agreement, this can be done digitally. In simple word, the agreement can be signed by the digital signature (DSC).
  • Yes, any entity whether a company, a partnership firm can do business with Hoogmatic.
  • No, you don’t need any educational degree for starting with Hoogmatic.
  • Yes, you are most welcome and can do business with us on a part-time basis.
  • No, we don’t require any office space for doing business with us but we recommend to have space in the market so that the customer can reach you easily.
  • Yes, as deemed fit we will provide you the training on a regular basis via mobile or email.

Identity Proof (any one)

PAN card (is mandatory)
Voter ID
Driving Licence
Ration Card with photo
Current passbook of the bank with photo
Pensioner card with photo
Kissan passbook having a photo

Address proof (anyone)

Credit card statement (latest 2 months)
Voter ID
Driving Licence
Ration Card with address
Current passbook of the bank with address
Telephone bill or broadband bill
Mobile post-paid bill
Water bill
Gas connection bill

In case company/LLP/ partnership or any other entity

Certificate of incorporation (in case of company or LLP)
PAN Card of Company/ LLP/ Partnership (as the case may be)
Bank account detail of Company/ LLP/ Partnership (as the case may be)

Note*: The above list is inclusive.