Government Fixes Prices of Sanitizers, Surgical Masks and Hand Wash

After declaring facial masks and hand sanitizers under essential goods, the government Fixes Prices of Sanitizers, Surgical Masks and Hand Wash set prices for these items, Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan said in a tweet

He said that since the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), the Indian market has seen a huge increase in the price of various facial masks and hand sanitizers. Therefore, the government has set prices for two-layer and three-layer surgical masks and hand sanitizers.

Medicines and medical kits are the lifesaver and therefore it is mandatory to have an idea of ​​what rate they are taxed, as this will ultimately affect the final price at which they are sold.

Medicines and other medical kits for human and veterinary treatment are taxed on four slabs NIL, 5%, 12% and 18%. Here, we provide details of the current GST rates applicable for surgical mask, Sanitizer and hand wash, furniture, hospital beds, etc.


Current GST Rates for Mask, Sanitizer & Hand Wash

Product Name GST Rate
Diagnostic Test Kits 5%
Surgical Masks 5%
Blood Test Strips 12%
Medical Grade Oxygen, Hydrogen and Peroxide 12%
Sanitizer 18%
Hand Wash 18%
Furniture: Hospital Bed, Table, etc 18%


Paswan said: “Under the Essential Commodities Act, prices for fabrics used in two and three layer surgical masks will remain the same as on February 12, while retail prices for three layer masks will be at Rs 8 per mask and not exceed Rs 10.”

The Union Minister said: “The retail price of a 200 ml bottle of hand sanitizer will not exceed Rs 100. Other bottle sizes will also be priced in the same proportion. These prices will apply across the country until June 30, 2020.”

The implementation of GST has highly benefited the medical sector as it has completely eliminated the cascading effect of tax and also the warehousing of medicines now attracts low GST rates.

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